We maximise creditor returns

Acting on behalf of insolvency practitioners, we are focused on generating higher returns for creditors in all forms of insolvency administration.

Effective insolvency litigation requires specialist skill and knowledge from a highly experienced team. Working with a range of Australia’s leading insolvency firms we have the proven experience to handle matters ranging from complex, high-profile cases to the full range of voidable transaction claims.

We provide expert legal representation and advice to insolvency practitioners.

Our team provides representation and advice to insolvency practitioners in relation to contract disputes, claims made under the Personal Property Securities Act, and in relation to the appointment and removal of insolvency practitioners. We also conduct public examinations, procure litigation funding and pursue voidable transaction claims against directors and related parties.

This highly targeted and scalable service provides you with effective representation, particularly in complex situations where specialist advice is critical to the desired outcome.

For consultations, please call us on 1300 757 534 or send us a message.

Genuine specialists

We have the right skills, expertise and people to handle your matters. Our diverse team has been specialising in this area for more than 15 years and includes highly experienced ARITA members.

Clear reliable advice

Conscious that insolvency practitioners require matters to be pursued in a prompt and cost-effective manner, we provide direct advice about your chances of success and likely net return. This allows you to decide whether pursuing a claim is in the best interest of creditors.


When we undertake legal action on your behalf, keeping you informed is a clear priority. We provide timely advice, a carefully considered strategy and regular updates as developments occur.