We understand the complexities of money claims in the building and construction industry.

Access specialist representation for subcontractors and suppliers to the building industry. With experience representing clients ranging from small-to-medium enterprises through to multinational suppliers, we have the expertise to resolve claims quickly and effectively.

We specialise in legal recovery and dispute resolution, utilising legislative tools and strategies that are specific to the building and construction industry.

Our national team works with the relevant legislation for your state, and has delivered results for clients including Schneider Electric and Holcim.


  • Security of payment claims
  • Subcontractors charges
  • Personal Property Securities Act
  • Legal recovery
  • Contract and subcontract disputes

Genuine specialists

Benefit from the expertise and knowledge of a legal team who understands the complex nature of building industry legislation. This experience, coupled with our specialisation in legal recovery and dispute resolution, ensures that our team is in the best possible position to effectively recover and resolve money claims in the building and construction industry.

Industry-specific representation

Having represented some of Australia’s largest subcontractors and building suppliers, we have the proven experience to utilise industry-specific legal remedies to recover funds and resolve disputes swiftly and effectively.

Outcome focused

At the outset, we take the time to understand your specific objectives and develop a clear strategy to achieve those objectives. This sets the foundation for an action plan which is directly aligned to delivering the best possible outcome in the most time and cost effective way.