Credit agreements incorporating a personal guarantee are the single greatest tool for effective legal recovery

Since commencement of the Personal Property Securities Act, the significance of effectively drafted credit agreements for trade credit businesses has only increased.

Effective credit agreement documentation protects trade creditor rights under the Personal Property Securities Act, and also incorporates a range of clauses which maximise prospects of recovery and limit the risks of a counterclaim.

Get the experts to draft your credit agreement documents.

With the experience of having drafted credit agreement documents for 300 businesses, the expertise of Results Legal in drafting effective terms and conditions of trade and personal guarantees is beyond question.

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How We Can Assist

Results Legal offers a credit agreement package for trade credit businesses which is specifically designed to maximise recovery and protect Personal Property Securities Act rights. The credit agreement package incorporates the following elements.

  • Drafting terms and conditions of trade
  • Drafting personal guarantees
  • Incorporation of secured creditor rights
  • Specific PPSA protection
  • Advice summarising important terms and amendments
  • Ongoing advice and support

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