Peak workloads successfully managed for insurance client

Having worked with a range of insurance companies, government agencies and large corporate partners, Results Legal has have developed systems and procedures to process large volumes of legal recovery work within a short space of time.

Our large clients regularly require us to scale quickly to action a large volume of claims in a short period of time.

For one of our insurance clients, a large volume of debt falls due on the same day each year; calling for a process that is not only fast and efficient, but highly accurate and secure.

By understanding the needs of the client and drawing on our experience and established processes, we were able to process up to 2,100 letters of demand per day during the peak debt period, while simultaneously issuing 55 sets of legal proceedings per week.

On another assignment, our team issued 100 sets of proceedings across 5 Australian court jurisdictions within 24 hours.

If you’d like to learn more about how our experience and process management can assist your business, please contact us.