Trusted adviser for prestige motor dealer group

Our team regularly acts on behalf of a large prestige motor dealer group in a broad range of dispute resolution matters.

We have enforced contracts of sale for luxury high end motor vehicles and opposed claims from customers pertaining to the delivery and standard of delivered vehicle.

A recent matter related to the purchase of a Lamborghini Aventador. A third party lodged a purported security interest on the PPSR to prevent sale by our client. We were engaged to remove the purported security to allow the client to deal with the vehicle. We implemented a strategy to notify the third part that their alleged security interest was ineffective pursuant to section 267 of the PPSA and demanded that they remove the invalid security interest pursuant to section 178 of the PPSA. No response was received.

To achieve a swift commercial resolution of the dispute, rather than commence Supreme Court proceedings, Results Legal utilised the administrative review mechanism offered by the Personal Properties Securities Registrar to remove the invalid security interest and achieved a removal of the PPSR registration without incurring court costs or barrister’s fees.